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When some rich niggaz want ya! #loyal2dagame #chrisbrown Repost from @chrisbrownofficial
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Rihanna for Vogue Brazil #9
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Too much of it is brainwashing.

~   Warsan Shire, For Women Who Are Difficult To Love
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black woman:

*wears her hair natural*


omg ew why would you do that you look like a slave how're you ever going to get a man when your hair looks nappy nobody wants a girl with peasy hair what about a job you look so unprofessional you need to do something with your hair you look like a nappy-headed ho how do you expect people to ever respect you?

black woman:

*wears a weave*


LOL look at this ratchet bitch wearin a weave because she cant grow her own hair do you even have hair under there i mean do you even wear your real hair out at all i hate weaves its like false advertising i dont see why you'd wear fake hair when you could just have your own.

black woman:

*gets a perm*


why do you want to be white why do you hate yourself so much to be burning your hair out with the creamy crack every 4-6 weeks and it cant even be healthy for your hair or your scalp you need to let it go and embrace who you really are i hope that in time you come to accept yourself and what God has given you.

black woman:

fuck y'all, I do what I want.

black men:

see this is why i dont fuck with black women they got attitude problems bruh i only like a light-skin yellowbone with good hair that knows how to act i dont understand why black women gotta be so mad all the time like damn black women really aint shit.
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